Dr Jeremy Rao

University of South Australia

Dr Jeremy Rao is a Postdoctoral Fellow with SEAM, from the SEAM University of South Australia (UniSA) node, and a key member of the Future Industries Institute (FII) with UniSA. Jeremy works with industry-scale equipment to produce proto-type parts at the industry partner organisation’s manufacturing facility, and ensures the delivery of experimental outcomes and research milestones for industry. His research topics include:

  • Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) for materials (Development of AM via LMDed Stellite alloys and stainless steels) repair;
  • The optimisation of 3D printing and post-processing conditions for the improved performance of aerospace Al-Si-Mg, Al-Er/Sc, Ti6Al4V, SS316L alloy systems;
  • Feasibility studies on 3D printed high-strength Al composite materials (Al-graphene composite, nano-ceramic reinforced Al alloy composites);
  • SLM/LMD light alloy system surface roughness modification.

Jeremy completed his Bachelor of Materials Engineering (with First Class Honours) in 2013 with Monash University, Melbourne. After obtaining a full scholarship from Monash University, from 2014, he continued his studies at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Monash Centre for Additive Manufacturing (MCAM). Following his successful PhD thesis (June 2017) Jeremy continued working as a postdoctoral research fellow at MCAM before joining SEAM at UniSA in June 2019.

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