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Combined Australian Materials Societies Conference – CAMS 2022


CAMS2022 – Advancing Materials and Manufacturing International Conference 

The CAMS conference is part of an ongoing series of meetings that are the product of the cooperation between two eminent materials professional societies in Australia – Materials Australia (MA) and the Australian Ceramic Society (ACS).

The 7th conference of the Combined Australian Materials Societies (CAMS2022) will be hosted in Melbourne, Australia.


CAMS 2022 – June 2022 Conference (PDF)

Previous series of meetings that started in 2004 include:

  • A combined MA/ACS conference (MAC-1): Melbourne, 29 Nov-1 Dec 2004. Co-Chairs Jian-Feng Nie and Nigel Stone
  • Materials & AustCeram 2007 (MAC-2): Sydney, 4-6 Jul 2007. Co-Chairs Simon Ringer and Dan Perera
  • Materials & AustCeram 2009 (MAC-3): Surfers Paradise, 1-3 Jul 2009. Co-Chairs Jian-Feng Nie and Chris Berndt
  • CAMS 2014: Sydney, 26-28 Nov 2014. Co-Chairs Julie Cairney and Chris Sorrell
  • CAMS 2016: Melbourne, 6-8 Dec 2016. Co-Chairs Chris Berndt and Peter Hodgson
  • CAMS 2018: Wollongong, 27-29 Nov 2018. Co-Charis Prof Huijun Li and Dr Dan Gregg

CAMS2022 builds on the legacy of the above meetings and the co-Chairs recognise and are grateful for, the contributions and ground-breaking work of the Past Chairs of these meetings. Thank you!


Materials Australia and Australian Ceramic Society


01 - 03 June 2022

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