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Combined Australian Materials Societies Conference 2021


CAMS2021 “Advancing Materials and Manufacturing!”

CAMS2021 continues a series of meetings that evolved from cooperation between two eminent materials professional societies in Australia: Materials Australia (MA) and the Australian Ceramic Society (ACS). The forging of joint objectives has created a series of meetings that started in 2004. These have been:

  • A combined MA/ACS conference (MAC-1): Melbourne 29th November – 1st December 2004. co-Chairs Jian-Feng Nie and Nigel Stone.
  • Materials & AustCeram 2007 (MAC-2): Sydney 4th – 6th July 2007. co-Chairs Simon Ringer and Dan Perera.
  • Materials & AustCeram 2009 (MAC-3): Surfers Paradise 1st – 3rd July 2009. co-Chairs Jian-Feng Nie and Chris Berndt.
  • CAMS 2014: Sydney 26th – 28th November 2014. co-Chairs Julie Cairney and Chris Sorrell
  • CAMS 2016: Melbourne 6th – 8th December 2016. co-Chairs Chris Berndt and Peter Hodgson
  • CAMS 2018: Wollongong 27-29 November 2018. co-Charis Prof Huijun Li and Dr Dan Gregg

CAMS2021 builds on the legacy of the above meetings and the co-Chairs recognise and are grateful for, the contributions and ground-breaking work of the Past Chairs of these meetings. Thank you!


Materials Australia and Australian Ceramic Society


01 - 03 December 2021

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