Webinar ‘Challenges in molecular design of protective paint films for actual service conditions’


Professor Ivan Cole (RMIT University) presented a SEAM Webinar on the topic of ‘Challenges in molecular design of protective paint films for actual service conditions’. The Webinar was chaired by Dr Rou Jun Toh, SEAM Postdoctoral fellow (RMIT University).

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Recent advances in inhibitor design and discovery allow the selection of the exact molecular structure of inhibitors to incorporate in paints to minimize corrosion for a given substrate in given service conditions. The application of computational materials modelling permits an estimation of the effective lifetime of the inhibited paint film.  To reach this level of design reliability several theoretical, computational and experimental tools are required. An experimental approach must test all the isomers of a particularly corrosion inhibitor for all the inhibitors in a family and for all the inhibitor families of interest-. literally tens of thousands of inhibitors. This requires rapid testing and several methods have been developed including the “wells method” and robotic electrochemistry. Molecular modelling of corrosion inhibitors promises a world where we can directly calculate how effective an inhibitor will be in slowing corrosion on a given substrate. Continuum modelling can then connect the electrochemical performance on a surface to the probable performance of a component in service. These concepts are illustrated with reference to major industrial projects including, “the computational modelling of inhibited paint films”. This project built a multi-scale model to both select and estimated the service of inhibited film on Al2024 when used on aircraft with diverse flight paths.


Professor Ivan Cole is Enabling Capability Director for Advanced Manufacturing and Fabrication at RMIT, with RMIT’s School of Engineering. Ivan is a Chief Investigator with SEAM leading a project with industry partner Romar Engineering, Sydney. Prior to joining RMIT, Ivan was with the CSIRO for 25 years in a range of positions including Acting or Deputy Chief of Division and Chief Research Scientist. His research interests are in: additive manufacturing and other advanced metal fabrication processes, surface finish, passivation and corrosion and corrosion inhibitors, nano structures and nano-sensing, modelling of materials and life prediction of materials. He has led a number of research projects, received numerous awards including the CSIRO Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016. Ivan is regular presenter at international conferences, with an impressive number of publications. He is a member of numerous societies including the Australasian Corrosion Association.

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Professor Ivan Cole (RMIT University)


12 August 2020


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm (GMT+10)
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