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Surface Engineering is a sub-discipline of material science with applications in industries like: mining, oil & gas, steel, agriculture, automotive, etc. If a material degrades over time, it always starts from the surface as a result of interaction with the environment, causing wear and corrosion. Surface Engineering processes such as deposition welding, thermal spraying and thin film technologies in combination with smart material choices can significantly extend the components service life. Thus saving resources, time and money. the following presentations provided a representation on the current needs for industry and where the research direction needs to be.


Dr Thomas Schläfer
LaserBond Ltd

Laser Cladding and Thermal Spraying for wear and corrosion protection of components in heavy industries

A/Prof Colin Hall
University of South Australia

Surface finishing of Additively Manufactured parts

Dr Paul Colegrove

Wire Additive Manufacturing (WAM) at AML3D

The workshop kicked off with a lab tour through the Future Industries Institute, followed by the technical presentations from experts in their field and concluded with a networking event, with opportunities to visit the brand new Industry 4.0 lab.

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05 May 2021

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