Distinguished Professor Ma Qian

Chief Investigator

Dr Ma Qian is a Distinguished Professor of the School of Engineering at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University), Melbourne, AustraliaHis current research interests include (i) metal additive manufacturing (alloy design and lattice materials)(ii) powder metallurgy (PM) of light alloys, (iii) solidification processing, (iv) surface engineering for medical applications, (v) metallic biomaterials, and (vi) high entropy alloys 

With his research fellows, PhD students and collaborators, Professor Ma Qian has published 237 peer-reviewed journal articles and four Elsevier books on titanium alloys, including Titanium Powder Metallurgy: Science, Technology and Applications (editors: Ma Qian, F. H. Froes, Elsevier, 2015), Light Alloys (5th edition, Ian Polmear, David StJohn, Jie-Feng Nie, Ma Qian, Elsevier, 2015), Titanium in Medical and Dental Applications (editors: F. H. Froes, Ma Qian, Elsevier, 2018), and Titanium for Consumer Applications (editors: F. H. Froes, Ma Qian, M. Niinomi, Elsevier, 2019). His publications have attracted more than 8200 Scopus citations by November 2019 (>7300 excluding self-citations). 

Professor Ma Qian initiated the biennial international conference on Titanium Powder Metallurgy in 2011 (co-sponsored by Materials Australia, TiDA, TMS, JSPM and CSM). The 6th PM Ti will be held in Montréal Canada. Professor Ma Qian served as the Organising Committee Chair and Conference Co-Chair for the Asia-Pacific International Conference on Additive Manufacturing at RMIT in Melbourne (2017 and 2019)Currently, He serves as an editorial member for a number of journals, including as an Associate Editor for both Acta Materialia and Scripta Materialia 


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