Dr Patrick O’Toole


Patrick joined SEAM and RMIT as a Research Fellow in January 2021 to develop a model of laser metal deposition and apply it to high-speed laser cladding, and to develop a model integration to predict hot cracking in 3D printed parts. Previously, Patrick worked at CSIRO in the Metal Industries Materials and Process Modelling team, where he developed a multiscale model of solidification of Al-Si alloys. This model is currently being used to generate training data for machine learning methods to improve part-scale simulation with accurate solidification characteristics. Prior to this, Patrick worked at the University of Melbourne in collaboration with UNSW Engineering and DST Group maritime research to develop scale-bridging microstructure and crystal plasticity methods.

Patrick holds a bachelor’s degree with first-class honours in chemistry from The University of Sydney. Patrick obtained his PhD, from the Universities of Sydney and Venice, specializing in computational chemistry, mesoscale particle simulation, and free-energy methods.


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