Hoda Adelkhah

Master by Research
University of South Australia

Supervisor: Professor Nikki Stanford (University of South Australia)

Hoda Adelkhah is a SEAM Associate Investigator working on the ‘Maintenance and repair of ageing infrastructure in remote Australian locations’ project with Professor Nikki Stanford at University of South Australia. Hoda will be working closely with our industry partner Santos.

Hoda holds a bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering during which she conducted research on nano wear resistant coatings. She is currently enrolled as a Masters by Research program with the University of South Australia, where her research is focusing on corrosion mechanisms and enhancing coating and corrosion behaviour of Oil & Gas assets. 

As a Materials Engineer and a member of Engineers Australia, Hoda has performed variety of QC/QA, testing and investigation activities which has led to improvement solutions and recommendations. In many cases, she was assigned to failure analysis projects to investigate the causes of the failure, and then to recommend solutions to improve the systems and to avoid further failures. Selected failure analysis projects include: Failure Analysis of Cast Iron Paper Mill Dryer; Reverse Engineering of Ni-Resist Cast; Failure Analysis of Hadfield Alloys; Defect and imperfection analysis of cast iron parts of engine cylinders; Investigation of reinforcement bars fracture causes. 

Hoda has several years of experience working in materials laboratories where she gained experience in operating various laboratory equipment including Optical Microscope, Stereo Microscope, ElectroEtch, Fixed & Portable Hardness Tester, Portable Field Metallography, XRF, etc. 


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