Ky Nam Mai

PhD Candidate
University of South Australia

Nam Mai holds a Diploma in Materials Science from Republic Polytechnic, Singapore, completed in 2013.  Following this, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Advanced Material from the University of South Australia in March 2017.  In September 2021, he completed a Master of Engineering in Energy and Advanced Manufacturing at the same institution.

Currently, Nam Mai is pursuing a PhD in Energy and Advanced Manufacturing at the University of South Australia, which he began in 2022.  His PhD project, entitled “Anti-corrosion Coating for the Hydrogen Economy,” is conducted as an integral part of the SEAM team.  His research focuses on developing an inner surface coating for natural gas pipelines that provides resistance to both corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement.  This innovation is crucial for enabling the use of these pipelines for hydrogen transportation in the future.


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