Professor Nikki Stanford

Chief Investigator

Professor Nikki Stanford is a Research Leader at the University of South Australia.

  • Research Interests:
    • Magnesium alloy design
    • Green processing technologies
    • Strip casting
    • Fatigue and fracture
    • The metallurgy of advanced high strength steels
    • Advanced characterization of microstructures using small angle scattering, electron microscopy and atom probe tomography
  • Roles within UniSA
    • Director of Industry 4.0 Defence Testlab
    • University lead for Microscopy Australia
    • Post-graduate supervisor
    • Undergraduate teaching
  • Current projects
    • Stress relief in 3D printed Ti-4Al-4V
    • Kinetics of phase transformations in strip cast dual phase streels
    • Precipitation and strengthening in Cu-containing strip cast steel
    • Grain boundary properties in magnesium from first principles calculations
    • Structure property relationships in conducting polymers
    • High entropy alloys

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