Leveraging Our Joint Capabilities

SEAM provides pathways for engaging with industry to:

  • Train the next generation of engineers and technologists
  • Solve crucial problems in surface engineering and manufacturing
  • Implement new technologies

SEAM covers three themes that encompass manufacturing technology:

THEME 1: Nanoscale surface modifications and thin films such as Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) and Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD); which is employed in applications ranging from films for bacterial and infection control, to microelectronics, and hard coatings for wear resistant machine components.

THEME 2: Thick coatings manufactured by laser and thermal spray technologies used in heavy industries, mining and transportation for repair and remanufacturing of components.

THEME 3: Additive Manufacturing (AM) where a layer-by-layer deposition process creates a new surface. This includes laser-assisted deposition and cold spray technology. These processes allow part fabrication with difficult to process metals such as titanium alloys.

Options for establishing a cooperative partnership with SEAM include:

PhD Projects: A PhD student works on a focussed industry project, generally for three years, while receiving training and guidance within the SEAM environment. The industry partner contributes towards the student stipend and is actively involved in defining the project and supervision.

Postdoctoral Projects: A skilled Early Career Researcher (ECR) works on a specific industry project with co-supervision by a SEAM Chief Investigator and the industry partner. Projects range from 1 to 5 years. The industry partner contributes to the support of the ECR while accessing the SEAM kit, the SEAM network and the consolidated resources of the SEAM capability.

Consulting Projects: Some industrial manufacturing issues require dedicated input from SEAM Chief Investigators. These projects are short term; from days to weeks. SEAM organises a ‘rapid response team’ (RRT) to address the industrial need.

Events and Workshops: Attend one of our on-line webinars or workshops covering key topics in surface engineering and manufacturing technologies. Subscribe to our Newsletter and social media platforms for current event information.

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SEAM aims to leverage our joint capabilities with new industry partners. We provide pathways for engaging with industry to: train the next generation of engineers and technologists; solve crucial problems in surface engineering and manufacturing; and implement new technologies. Visit the SEAM website -m link in the Q&A – for further information and contact details. SEAM has options for establishing a cooperative partnership get in touch with us to find out how.

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