Dr Qinye Li


92Dr Qinye Li is a Postdoctoral Fellow with SEAM, working across two SEAM projects. She obtained her PhD from Monash University (2019) with an expertise on Computational Chemistry. Since 2016, Qinye has been working on the design of advanced materials for novel surface functions and industry applications. So far, Dr Li has published eleven papers, with most being published in top journals with high impact factors, including Nature Materials,  and others.

One of her research interest is the design of high performance catalysts for ammonia synthesis at room temperature, which is critical for green production of fertilizer. Another research topic is the understanding of materials interface, such as coatings, functional films and nanomaterials involved in advanced manufacture industry. The strength of her research is the use of high performance computers to simulate complex systems, achieving full understanding of the structure-performance relationship and delivering novel design further.


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