Hongshou Huang

PhD Candidate
University of South Australia

Supervisor: Professor Nikki Stanford (UniSA) 

Thesis title: Study on antimicrobial stainless steels coating for biocorrosion control inside natural gas pipeline 

Thesis synopsis: Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) is one kinds of corrosion caused by the activities of microorganisms. MIC is raising increasingly attention of oil/gas industry due to its great threaten to the safety of oil/gas pipeline transmission system. It is reported that MIC accounts for more than 20% of total pipeline corrosion. The present project aims to design and manufacture an antimicrobial stainless-steel based coating inside natural gas pipeline, which could mitigate MIC corrosion prolonging pipeline’s service life. Coating properties such as hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance will be systematically studied. 

Hongshou Huang received his bachelor and master’s degree in the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Northeastern University, China. He has accumulated many experiences in alloying design, material manufacture and characterization of microstructure and mechanical properties. 


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