Minh Nhat Dang

PhD Candidate
Swinburne University of Technology

Supervisors: Associate Professor James Wang (Swinburne), Dr Rosalie Hocking (Swinburne), Associate Professor Scott Wade (Swinburne), Dr. Surinder Singh (Swinburne) 

Thesis title: Study and Characterisation of Edge Preparation and Surface Finish on Modern Precision Cutting Tool 

Thesis synopsis: Cutting tools are at the heart of advanced manufacturing technologies today, supporting industries ranging from automotive to aerospace. In these precision tools, the necessity of edge preparation and surface finish cannot be overstated. The main benefits include increasing edge strength by removing surface imperfections, precisely shaping the cutting edge through rounding or chamfering, and improving surface finish for longer tool life and coatibility. This study investigates a variety of edge preparation techniques, ranging from drag finishing and wet micro-abrasive blasting to electrolytic polishing, with a particular focus on materials such as tungsten carbide and high-speed steels. These prepared edges are then thoroughly examined using an array of microscopy, spectroscopy, and microhardness tests to determine their quality and performance capabilities. The study’s goal is to develop an optimized protocol for achieving unparalleled surface quality using a custom-built electropolishing apparatus. In addition, the study looks at thin-film coatings like TiN, TiC, Ti(C,N), (Ti, Al)N, and Al2O3, as well as nanoindentation tests and pre- and post-coating cleaning processes. Finally, these findings are intended to shed light on multimillion-dollar investments in machining technologies by industry partner, bridging the gap between academic research and practical applications.

Minh Nhat Dang is a multifaceted materials scientist with an enriching blend of both research and industrial experience. Currently holding a PhD scholarship at the ARC SEAM, Minh stands out not only in academic circles but also in extracurricular leadership. Since high school, he has served as president and advisor in music, martial arts, and science clubs, and recently retired from his role as President of an engineering postgraduate association at Swinburne. Minh graduated second in his class with a BSc. in Nanotechnology from Vietnam-France University and earned Boston fellowship to learn from experts from Harvard and MIT. Prior to embarking on his doctoral journey, he served in several key roles such as Laboratories Manager and Principal Investigator in Vietnam’s top academic institutions in both national and private projects, developing nanomaterials ranging from gold nanoparticles, 3D-printed polymer, metal-organic framework, ultra-high strength concrete, transition-metal dichalcogenides to nanocarbon for diverse applications such as environment cleanup, biosensor, infra-construction, jewellery crafting and clean energy. Minh has received numerous prizes and awards for research presentation including photography and designing abilities, and he has accumulated a portfolio of 20 journal publications, conference papers, and patents. His current PhD project is industry-funded, targeting the development of nano-smooth surface finish and edge preparation methodologies for high-speed steel and tungsten carbide cutting tools, with a focus on titanium nitride thin-film coatings. Minh’s over three years as a Research Intern at Sutton Tools, the leading tool manufacturer in Australia, has now led to an offering position as an EPX Application Engineer at ANCA, a global leader in CNC and machining technology. Minh was recently named commendable Postgraduate of the Year at Swinburne’ School of Engineering for his PhD excellence. His career exemplifies his diverse skill set and unwavering dedication to advancing the state of the art in materials science and nanotechnology.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/solarlight-dark/

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Minh-Dang-5


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