Malkeet Singh

Partnered PhD Candidate
Swinburne/IIT Ropar

Supervisors: Professor Harpreet Singh (IIT Ropar) and Distinguished Professor Christopher Berndt (Swinburne)

Thesis title: Development of Innovative Waste Utilization Methodologies for Material Removal Processes

Thesis synopsis: The focus of the doctoral research is directed towards the development and investigation of some technologies to tackle the problem of such scarp. Manufacturing industries face problems concerning scrap from machining operations such as drilling, grinding and cutting. Current studies are inventing innovative approaches to tackle machine waste in an economic way; for example, to develop micrometer-sized powders or manufacturing processes for coatings and 3D printing technologies. Management of industrial waste can significantly increase production efficiency, making the process both economically viable and environmentally friendly. The use of waste is an area of major concern for manufacturing industries where the required parts are machined to customized dimensions, which results in the generation of machine scrap; for example, chips and swarf. This research will address one of the critical concerns of industry: that is, the use of manufacturing scrap. These research will also focus on process optimization by means of parametric analysis of the machined surface quality, drilled hole positional accuracy, machining power consumption, and tool wear analysis. The recycling of industrial waste is an open problem for many industries.

Malkeet focuses on solving problems related to scrap and waste with innovative concepts to fabricate a new class of scrap-based products in the form of metal powders, coatings, and 3D-printed parts.

Malkeet Singh is currently enrolled as a partnered PhD. student at Indian Institute of Technology Ropar, India and Swinburne University of Technology. He completed his BTech (Mechanical Engineering) from Punjab Technical University Jalandhar, Punjab (2013) and MTech (Thermal Engineering) from Beant College of Engineering and Technology Gurdaspur, Punjab (2015). His research area involves advanced study on manufacturing, surface engineering and sustainable manufacturing.

Malkeet has published two patents in USPTO (US/16/540,736), (US/16/352,331) along with two patents under processing in IPO (INDIA/201923001267), (INDIA/201811029355). He has recently been awarded Prestigious Fellowship i.e. “Newton Bhabha Scheme” 2020 (will be held at Cardiff University UK). He has been selected to attend the “Global Young Scientists Summit” 2020 organized by the National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore. His project has been selected in “Initiative for Research & Innovation in Science” (IRIS) in STEM” (Indo-US Science and Technology) National Science Fair (2018). Malkeet completed the national sponsored project as a senior research fellow at IIT Ropar with funding from Aeronautics Research & Development Board (INDIA). Recently his project has been recommended for funding support under SEED Division and “Scheme for Young Scientists and Technologists” (SYST) DST (INDIA).


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