Nouman Tariq

PhD Candidate
Swinburne University of Technology

Supervisors: Professor Baohua Jia   

Thesis title: Graphene thin film for functional devices 

Thesis synopsis: In this research project, graphene thin film coatings with different thicknesses and different gas purging environment will be developed to achieve multi-functionalities such as the electronic, mechanical and protection of the substrate et al. Both fundamental mechanism of the coating, their main features and their applications in different fields will be explored. 

Nouman Tariq received Bachelor of Engineering Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering with 1st Class Honours from the University of Hertfordshire, UK. His industrial placement earned him recognition from the Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK. He has been with Swinburne University of Technology, working with Professor Baohua Jia since 2018. His research interests focus is the area of graphene thin film coatings for functional devices. 


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