Presentation: Bio-engineering Applications for Thermal Spray Coatings: Challenges and Opportunities


SEAM Director, Distinguished Professor Chris Berndt presented an engaging talk on ‘Bio-engineering Applications for Thermal Spray Coatings’ at the very first Thermal Spray Society, ASM International virtual event.

This virtual event ‘Coatings for Anti-Virus, Bacteria and Fungus Applications’ was a preview of what is to come at the International Thermal Spray Conference (ITSC 2021), it provided international participants a sampling of the quality and diversity of technical programming that can be expected at the annual ITSC event, scheduled for May 2021 in Quebec City, Canada.

Chris Berndt’s paper presented how biofilms and bofouling impact many areas of our lives, from our shower walls to huge marine ship hulls, and keeping them in check remains a difficult ongoing engineering challenge.

The solution begins at the material surface, where bacterial and organisms attach and proliferate. We already know what surface properties are effective against bacteria to prevent adhesion and growth, but fabrication of these surfaces remains a challenge. Chris demonstrated how a range of thermal spray processes have the capability to create controlled surfaces with tailor-made properties. Using these processes, novel materials can be applied as coatings, to create advanced antibacterial and anti-fouling surfaces that successfully resist the growth of biofilms and biofouling.

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Watch the complete suite of presentations for the ‘Coatings for Anti-Virus, Bacteria and Fungus Applications’ event.

SEAM was delighted to sponsor and be involved in an intellectual conversation with leading industry experts in this important discussion regarding how thermal spray applications can be used to deposit antimicrobial compounds on different types of high-touch surfaces.

An engaging learning session with discussions around mechanisms of anti-bacterial or anti-viral behaviour of coatings which help thermal spray researchers and fabricators with proper materials selection and processing. By applying these biocidal thermal spray coatings in large scale, the industry will potentially be able to support the effort to reduce the risk of propagation and transmission of viruses and bacteria in a variety of places (e.g., public transportation and hospitals); thereby protecting all of us.

SEAM thanks the organisers of this special event:

  • Charles Kay, Vice President (ASB Industries, Inc.)
  • John Koppes, TST Engineered (Coating Solutions)
  • William Lenling,  CTO (TST Engineered Coating Solutions)
  • Rogerio Lima, Senior Research Office (National Research Council of Canada)
  • André McDonald, Professor and Associate Chair (Research) (University of Alberta).


Questions about this research can be directed to the co-authors: Pham Duy Quang ( and  Andrew Ang (


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